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The ARC Show is a unique exhibition of the world’s leading lighting brands. The event incorporates additional feature areas to encourage and inspire visitors. Kinetica Museum was commissioned by UBM to contribute to the 2010 event from 3rd – 4th February, and will also be installing 3 new works for 2011.

“The ARC Show exposed the work of Kinetica to a reasonably new audience, and the reaction to the exhibit was fantastic. We received feedback from a varied spectrum of visitors, including interior designers, architects, lighting designers, manufacturers and installers, many of which were seeing such installations for the first time. All were impressed by the idea of Kinetic Art and the artists’ individual interpretations of it. We were thrilled to have the Kinetica Art Fair preview at The ARC Show this year. Their innovative designs and mission to promote such high quality work mirrors our intention to continue to do the same within The ARC Show. We plan to deliver another impactful event next January and are sure the return of The Kinetica Art Fair will go a long way to help us achieve this.” – Lucy Cheeseman, UBM